Things to consider to determine if Camp Madrona

will work for your camper this year

  • A shorter session - Camp will be from Tuesday June 28th to Friday July 1st
  • Campers will need to arrive with a negative test result taken within 24-28 hours of arrival
  • We will be asking for campers to be fully vaccinated or quarantine for 72 hours before arriving at camp
  • Staff will be fully vaccinated and tested before camp begins
  • Masks will be worn at all times except meals, swimming, and while sleeping
  • Space will be limited so we can ensure as much distance as possible while sleeping
  • Due to limited space, campers must be entering 4th grade and above
  • Girls will only sleep in outdoor units
  • Meals will be eaten in covered outdoor areas rather than inside the lodge
  • Drop off and pick up will be staggered, and will occur in the parking lot. 
  • The cost is slightly less than a full week in 2019 was. Costs on food and so much more have gone up.

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Safety is our number one priority at GSWW and Camp Madrona. We are following these three steps to ensure the safest camp experience possible for our members. Please note that we may change our guidelines as state and federal guidelines may shift over time. 

  • Vaccinations: We are requiring all volunteer staff to be fully vaccinated and requiring all campers to either be fully vaccinated or quarantine for 72 hours prior to arrival at camp and receive a negative COVID-19 test from a qualified provider no more than 72 hours prior to arrival at camp.
  • Daily Cleaning: We are following daily cleaning procedures and health checks for all staff and campers.
  • Safe Spaces and Activities: We are modifying group interacting procedures and dining hall protocol. This includes sleeping space, majority of meals outdoors, no more than two girls to a boat, and more. We are following current guidance on masks and social distancing.

Vaccination Policy from GSWW

We have recently revised our immunization policy to reflect the Washington State and CDC policy on immunizations/vaccinations. Girl Scouts of Western Washington supports science-based vaccinations to prevent the spread of communicable illness and to improve the health of our community. Campers attending Volunteer-Led Overnight camps must follow the Washington State immunization/vaccination requirements for summer camps. Please visit for more information on Washington State immunization/vaccination requirements for summer camps.

All campers and staff must for one of the following before arriving at camp

  1. Be fully vaccinated OR

  2. Quarantine for 72 hours prior to arrival at camp and receive a negative COVID-19 test from a qualified provider no more than 72 hours prior to arrival at camp.

  3. Camp Madrona is asking everyone to arrive with evidence of a negative test within the last 72 hours 

Parents/Guardians must complete the Health History forms with their camper’s immunization/vaccination information (official records not required) prior to the start of camp. 

Campers with religious or medical exemptions must submit proof of exemption to the camp director with Health History forms prior to the start of camp. Girl Scouts of Western Washington (GSWW) is committed to taking precautions to mitigate health risks as well as following applicable federal, local, and GSUSA COVID-19 directives and guidelines. Our council is also committed to having in-person activities as allowed and in accordance with those mandates. GSWW’s operations and programs occurring while COVID is circulating in our community may expose our members, volunteers, and employees to the risk of infection. GSWW cannot prevent you from being exposed to, contracting, or spreading COVID-19 while attending (which includes being present in any capacity) any GSWW in-person programming. Therefore, any interaction with others in connection with in-person programming may expose you and your family to, and increase your risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19. GSWW has put preventative measures in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19 at its in-person programming; however, GSWW cannot guarantee that you will not become infected with COVID-19. To see full details regarding our COVID-19 response for our programming operations, please visit

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