Wednesday June 26, 2019

                      4:00-8:00 PM  Please No Earlier; Gate will be closed.

                Please do not bring pets!


Have all medication in hand when you check your daughter in with the nurse.  All pills of any type are considered medication. 

Please do not bring vitamins, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Benedryl or Calamine lotion etc. These medications will be supplied by camp as needed. We have a nurse on duty 24 hours a day. If medication is needed, please be certain it is in is original container with pharmacy labels showing the child’s name. By law, we must adhere to dosages and instructions from your child’s doctor. Please bring written instructions from the doctor noting any changes from the original pharmacy label. Please do not bring any medications in glass bottles.  If your daughter uses an inhaler for asthma, make sure it is full enough to last the entire week.


Unit Arrival

You will be leaving your daughter at the Lodge after your visit with the camp nurse.  Leave her gear at the unit sign by the lodge. Please make sure your daughter’s name is marked on all her gear. 


Head Lice

Check your child for head lice before coming to camp.  All campers will be checked upon arrival; if head lice or nits are found,

 your child will not be allowed to check-in to camp until all signs of the lice and nits have been removed. 

Picking Up Your Daughter:             

                                5:00pm Monday Evening July 1, 2019   No earlier please as the gate will still be locked! 

Please contact Redwood if you need to arrange another time for pick-up.

We invite parents/guardians to join us for an all camp flag ceremony at 5:00PM on Monday evening. This will officially close our community camp week.  All campers will be dismissed after the flag ceremony.  If you arrive early, there will be a sani-can available in the parking lot for families arriving early and needing to use facilities, as we will not open the camp to visitors until 10:30am.

  •  To assure your child’s safety, all campers must be individually checked out to the parent/guardian or one of the alternate persons listed on the camper release form.
  •  Please have in hand your photo ID (drivers license, state ID, etc.)
  •  Do Not Bring Pets!